step 1: Receiving the work order planning the production
- If the work comes in as plaster-model the model is checked and if needed the customer will be contacted about any problems.
- If the work come in through the 3D Shape Dental system program, the data is checked and the customers informed if needed.
step 2: Block out the undercuts
step 3: Scanning process
- The model is prepared and the preparation scanned.
step 4: Design Construction
step 5: Calculate milling tool path
step 6: Millingprocess


Work after milling
- Cutting the end connector, smooth the surface and work out the real wall-thickness.
- Coloring
- Sintering


Final inspection and packing
- After the sintering process the work comes out from the furnace and will be prepared for packing. Final inspection means : control for cracks, control the color, write the invoice and pack the models and the work.