Temporary ,Polyurethane and wax
                                      Lotus Dental provides PPMA- based temporary crown and bridges as temporary restorations.   High performance dental milling systems are used to mill temporary restorations from CAD/ CAM blanks consisting of PPMA-based resin (Polymethylmethacrylate).   Features and benefits of this material: • Ready-to-use blanks for milling machines / no curing-time • Excellent mechanical properties for long-lasting temporary restorations • Antagonist-friendly • Low residual monomer (Residual monomer approx. 0,6-1,0%)   Lotus Dental offers the following dentine-shades:                             A1 /A2 / A3 / A3,5/ B1                                                                                                              Polyurethane/wax for casting     Lotus Dental provides caps in various materials for metal castings. Each material with its own properties and characteristics suits the needs of various types of alloys to be casted.   Wax caps or PPMA caps are milled by high precision milling systems.   Wax milling reduces human errors in the production process and the production time and simultaneously increases precision and efficiency.   moving picture 3